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What is included with my rental?

When you plan a stay at Paddy Run , you have the entire place to yourself! This includes unlimited use of the lodge, pool, picnic shelter and cabins.

We also offer a special daily rate for use of the picnic shelter and BBQ pit. This includes limited use of the lodge ( for kitchen and bathroom facilities ) but no overnight guests.

What facilities are available at Camp Paddy Run?

Main Lodge: The lodge is the only all-seasons structure on the property. It can be quite cold up in the mountains from September through April so tenting or staying in the summer cabins is only ideal for a hearty few! The lodge has both an oil furnace as well as wood stoves on both levels that the caretakers usually keep stoked for you. There is plenty of firewood available. There is no air conditioning in the lodge or cabins.

Upstairs: The upper level has the kitchen, dining/meeting area, small sitting area and library. The dining/meeting area can hold about 40 comfortably with the round tables set up, or more if there are just chairs. ( There are 6 round tables and about 50 chairs )

There is a small sitting area toward the back of the multi-purpose room with a couch, chairs and coffee table. The ‘library’ consists of a shelf chock-full of nature and camping resources. There are also books that other campers have left. You are welcome to read our books, but please don’t take any of the resource books- only the fiction paperbacks that others have left.

Lastly, there is also a back deck with picnic tables and a beautiful view of the Cedar Creek valley.

Kitchen: The lodge has a fully-stocked kitchen with pots, pans, utensils, silverware, plates and cups- pretty much everything you would need to cook and serve a meal for up to 60 people. Appliances include 2 stove/ovens, large refrigerator, coffee makers, toasters, a large electric skillet and several sinks for dish washing. We do not have cooks on-site, so you will have to bring your own food and prepare your own meals. There are also fire circles at several locations throughout the property for campfire cooking.

Additional appliances: There is a large freezer and second refrigerator in the multipurpose room for your use.

We encourage good environmental practices! Please consider staying away from the use of paper or plastic plates & cups. Dishwashing is just a part of camp and the team-building process! If you do use disposable cups- have participants write their names on them and re-use them as much as possible! There is also a recycling bin and we strongly encourage recycling all your plastic, glass and cans.

Phone: The only working phone on the property is located in the kitchen.  There is no long distance service, however, you may dial local numbers as well as 911 from this phone. Feel free to answer the phone and give out the number to those who my need it during your visit.

Occasionally you may receive business-related calls. In that event, kindly refer the person to our website for contact information, www.camppaddyrun.org, or or ask them to call back later and leave a message on our digital voicemail.

 Cell phones: ATT phones get decent reception on the property due to a nearby tower, however Verizon phones seem to be getting better reception now than in years past. If this is a concern for you and your cell phone is with another carrier, we recommend you get a prepaid ATT ‘Go phone’ for use while you are there.

Downstairs: The lower level of the lodge has men’ and ladies’ restrooms in the hallway with sink and toilet. The remaining space is a gathering and/or sleeping area. This is carpeted so please take extra caution to keep it nice. No food or drink is permitted in the downstairs.

Currently 6 bunkbeds and extra mattresses are in the lower level and sleeps up to 20 comfortably. As of now, this is one large open space. If you need to separate the boys from girls in a group, you can sleep some upstairs on the floor and others downstairs. Kids especially don’t seem to mind this arrangement. Using both levels, you can sleep up to about 40.

There are also 2 showers downstairs – one in a full bathroom complete with toilet and sink in the far back of the sleeping quarters, the other located just to your right as you enter the room.

There is a vacuum that we encourage you to use to keep the floors nice. Also, a dehumidifier usually stays on to provide moisture control as well as ‘white noise’ for bedtime.

Summer Cabins: There are two cabin sites: ‘Hilltop Outpost’ and ‘Creekside,’ each with 2 cabins. The summer cabins are screened-in wooden structures that can sleep about 10-12 comfortably on cots, but they are not recommended for use from Oct-March as it gets cold in the mountains at night. There is no electricity in the summer cabins, but a lantern suffices for nighttime illumination.

Cabins 1 & 2 at ‘Hilltop Outpost’ are located at the top of the hill, just off the main road. Cabins 3 & 4 at ‘Creekside’ are accessible by a short downhill hike, or by taking the dirt road to the bottom of the hill. Cabins 3 & 4 are located next to Paddy’s Run so you can fall asleep to the sound of flowing waters.

Each cabin site has a campfire circle, picnic shelter, wood shed and restrooms. The restrooms have composting toilets and operate very similar to a boat toilet- first you fill the bowl with water, then flush by stepping on a pedal. There is a sink for hand washing, but the water is not suitable for drinking or brushing teeth. Groups are encouraged to bring a large drink cooler to have at each site.

Craft Hut: There is a fifth smaller cabin along the road leading to/from the lodge. This cabin is screened-in as well but does have multiple outlets. It can sleep 6-7 comfortably.

Picnic Shelter: The picnic shelter or ‘pole barn’ as it’s called at Paddy Run is an ideal place for games and gatherings as well as picnics. There are lights for nighttime use as well as electrical outlets.

There is also a brick BBQ right next to the picnic shelter. With adjustable racks for coals or wood, this BBQ can easily cook for several dozen people at once.

There is a small shed next to the picnic shelter which houses the camp’s well and water filtration system. Under no circumstance should renters enter the shed or touch the equipment.

Pool: Paddy Run offers an above-ground pool, 20 x 40 feet oval shape, that is about 3.5 to 4 feet deep throughout. Adjoining the pool is the bathhouse, with boys and girls restrooms complete with sinks and showers. For summer camping, use of these restrooms are preferred to using the lodge facilities, due to humidity in the lower level.

The pool is also equipped with lights for night swims. Please do not attempt to adjust the pools filtration system or add chemicals. The pool is maintained daily by the caretakers who will clean the pool during your visit.

Paddy Run DOES NOT provide a lifeguard with your rental. It is the sole responsibility of the adult signing the rental agreement to ensure safe and responsible practices at the pool. Children should NEVER be left unattended at the pool.

Worship area & Bonfire Circle: Across the field from the picnic shelter is worship area with a small cross and benches. Next to it, the larger cross overlooks a bonfire circle and woodshed. Please use special care around the bonfire circle. During certain times of year, it is required that you phone the fire department before having open fires.

Exploring Paddy's Run: Paddy’s Run flows through the middle of the property .From the Creekside cabin site, you can access a trail that follows the run a good ways. The run is a cool relaxing spot for swimming and rock-hopping. The run is usually passable during the summer months when the water level is at the lowest. In the springtime, there is a very strong current and swimming or boating is not recommended.

I would like to stay at Paddy Run, what do I do?

The camp is open year-round and is done on a reservation basis. You would need to fill out a reservation request form and send in a deposit to reserve your dates. The deposit needs to be received before your rental date- but otherwise reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis.

You can submit an reservation request form via our website. Click here to go to the reservations form.

How much will it cost to stay there?

Our rental rates are posted on our Reservations Homepage. Member churches of Shenandoah Presbytery are charged a lesser rate because they already help support the camp financially.

Keep track of your daily and overnight visitors. Whether you spend the night or not, you are still charged the daily fee. Multiply the daily fee ( $10 member, $15 non-member for weekends )per person per day. The final total will be reported to our Reservations Coordinator and you will be invoiced accordingly.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations must be received at least 45 days in advance for a full refund. Otherwise, your deposit will go toward a future stay or considered a donation to the committee.

I do not belong to a church, can I still stay at Camp Paddy Run?

Yes, we encourage all people to stay at Paddy Run and hope that its peaceful serenity might begin your walk with the Lord. All are welcome that can respect the property and comply with our rules and regulations.

You will be charged the non-member rates and a minimum amount is required regardless of your group size. On the reservation form, we ask that you list your planned activities. Our rental policies list all prohibited activities including hunting, paint ball and four-wheeling.

The committee reserves the right to refuse use of the property to groups or individuals whose activities or philosophies are inconsistent with our mission.




Paddy's Run after a spring rain.


A bunkbed in the sleeping quarters.


The pole barn set up for a September wedding.


The worship and bonfire area.


The pool and bath house.


The lodge's multipurpose room.


Cabins at Hilltop Outpost.