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Property Tour of Camp Paddy Run


A brief history of Paddy Run

Camp Paddy Run was formed by Winchester Presbytery in 1964.  A master plan for the land was developed by Glenn Wallace, a noted camp planner.  Only two of the buildings envisioned in the master plan were ever built, the garage and the lodge. The 375 acre facility in Shenandoah and Frederick Counties has been visited and evaluated on several occasions by recognized authorities in church camping as well as by camping professionals in this region.  All the evaluations agree that Camp Paddy Run is an excellent site for rustic decentralized camping and for use as a trip camp base.

In its early years, Camp Paddy Run was staffed by volunteers, serving on a weekly basis.  Beginning in 1980 there was continuity of leadership with the employment of a part-time director, and staff members were hired for the summer.  Improvements on the site have come in slow increments over the past 30 years.  Much of the labor has been done by volunteer groups.

Currently, the property is managed by a committee of volunteers that are members of Shenandoah Presbytery.

About the Property:

Paddy Run is described as a rustic wilderness retreat- and make no mistake, it is! But its lack of  modern conveniences pales in comparison to the majestic splendor of its wooded settings, star-filled nights and peaceful serenity.

Winter, spring, summer or fall- nature is always at its most spectacular here at Paddy Run.

Most of the property's 375 acres are wooded, though the majority of the structures surround the massive field that spans the length and width of several football fields.

The field is site to countless games, as well as unbelievable star gazing and breath-taking sunsets.

The lodge provides your only winterized structure as well as your kitchen and dining facility. Four rustic cabins provide sleeping arrangements in the warmer months- housing about 10-12 beds per cabin.

The shelter, or pole barn as we call it, is often the central gathering place for picnics and daily outings. Adjacent is a volleyball net as well as acres and acres of open space.

A large fire ring and worship area with benches is poised at center field. Morning or evening worships here is the ideal beginning  and end to each day in God's glorious creation.

Across the field from the worship area is the 'hogan village.' The 4 hogans- which are covered wagon-style platform tents- hold 4-5 beds or up to 8 sleeping bags.

At each cabin or hogan site is a fire circle for outdoor cooking and evening s'mores. The cabin sites are also furnished with bathroom sites and picnic shelters.

The pool is only about 4-feet deep but provides a cool break from the hot summer days.

Paddy's Run flows directly through the center of the property. This fresh water source nourishes abundant wildlife. Frequent beaver dams remind us that we share Paddy Run with all of God's creatures..


"So what's there to do at Paddy Run?" you might ask. Well, with the large acreage and unspoiled wilderness, it's the perfect location for fun & fellowship in the great outdoors or quiet reflection in nature's silence.

Paddy Run is ideal to host a variety of activities such as day or weekend retreats, week-long summer camps or vacation bible schools, sporting events, youth group activities and so much more.

A perimeter trail and logging roads provide for leisure nature walks or rigorous exercise. The run provides cool flowing water and children  and adults alike love the excitement and challenge of 'rock hopping!'

Being at Paddy Run is a time to turn off the cell phones- and you can forget about cable TV!... instead, take advantage of our surroundings. The wooded areas provide challenging locations for scavenger hunts, trust walks, or good old fashioned games of hide and seek.

Nighttime entertainment consists of songs and skits. And once the sun has fully set and the field is blanketed in darkness, that's the time for  flashlight games such as 'firefly' or 'lighthouse.'

And of course, camping isn't complete without a cozy campfire- but they're not just for s'mores anymore!...have you ever made chicken n' dumplings or apple cobbler?!...

God gives us all special gifts to share. Perhaps your talents lie in teaching children, mentoring youth, or counseling adults. Identifying trees, making nature crafts or chopping firewood isn't your forte. That's OK. The Camp Paddy Run Committee is hear to help!... we're a community of volunteers and outdoor enthusiasts that want to help you make the most of your time here at Paddy Run. We have endless ideas and a thorough knowledge of the property that can make your outdoor experience an unforgettable one.

If you have questions or would like ideas about hosting an event at Paddy Run, please don't hesitate to contact us at: info@camppaddyrun.org.